Can you make it vegan?

• Actually, all our cakes are vegan! Yay!

How far in advance should I order?

• We need at least 5 days in advance, but the more the better!

Can I customize the cakes?

• You have some choices on our form, to fit your taste. If you want an even more special cake, or you have a special theme you are looking for, please visit and use the cake order form on her website.

Do you deliver your cakes?

• Unfortunately we don’t, you will always have to pick them up at Cafe Neundrei, Monbijouplatz 2.

Can I just come to the cafe and order there?

• Please always use our online form, due to the fact that our staff are responsible for coffee and service and our kitchen staff are not available to take your orders during the day.

How much are your cakes?

• You can find all that info in our online form.

Can I have exactly that cake I saw on Instagram the other day?

• We rarely make a cake look the exact same, that’s because we always have different ideas. It also depends on what berries or flowers we have on hand. If you have specific wishes, make sure to visit!

Can I order any other of your sweet treats?

• Sure, just write an email to

Do you do wedding cakes?

• Yes we do, not the traditional tier cake with fondant roses though. Just send us an email at to tell us about your wedding cake plans.

are the flowers edible?

•no, please remove them from the cake before serving.

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